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Traction Control Brake bolt

Traction Control Brake system - Reduce your stoppig distance and improve braking control

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The Original TCB Brake Systems TM

The TCB Brake System is an Alternative to Motorcycle ABS and people looking for an Aftermarket Antilock Brake System for Motorcycles will prefer the TCB over ABS for Motorcycles…just read the below test results.

Read the Below Independent Test Results that Show: 
Shorter Stopping Distance and Better Braking Control
Than Motorcycle Antilock Brakes or Stock Brakes!!!

Unlike Motorcycle ABS that Locks and Releases, the TCB Helps Your Brakes Avoid Locking 

Tucker Rocky and Cruiser Customizing Review
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How does the TCB work?

TCB Test Results

TCB Gets a "Superior" Rating!!! 
Cycle Matters Test (January 23, 2013) - Click Here 
Average Stopping Distance: 
18.5 feet vs. 29.33 feet 
(Traction Control Brakes vs. Stock Brakes

thunder press tcb review
Thunder Press – August 2012
Test Results 

HD Open Road TCB Review
HD Open Road Test - Click Here 
"…the bike stopped in 17 feet (vs.) 27 feet…"
Head to Head on 2008 Ultras
(Traction Control Brakes vs. ABS Brakes) 

Test by MSF Certified Instructor and Rider Coach- John Devito 
 March 2010 Review 
"stopping was quick and I was unable to lockup the wheels"

    • TCB SYSTEM- acts like a shock absorber to allow the brake pads to float and/or drag over the rotors natural high and low spots (we are not talking about warped rotors 
    • TCB SYSTEM- automatically Increases Rider’s Ability to Brake in a Shorter Distance in both regular and panic stops (by as much as 20% in a panic stop at speeds from 35 mph to 55 mph) 
    • TCB SYSTEM- helps modulate your brake system and this Helps to Avoid Premature Brake Lock-Up and improves braking control conditions in most cases 
    • TCB SYSTEM Unlike electronic ABS the TCB System Helps Prevent Lock-Up Before it Happens 
    • TCB SYSTEM Gives you a feeling of more range in your brake levers So You Can Brake Hard with Confidence 
    • TCB SYSTEM has a maximum effect when installed on BOTH the front and rear brakes by replacing the "Banjo Bolt" 
    • TCB SYSTEM specifically designed for motorcycles and ATV’s without anti-lock brake systems (ABS) 

  • TCB SYSTEM- DOES NOT Allow Air into Your Braking System

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